This past weekend I clicked off number 4 of 6 in the 2013 unfinished business triathlon tour.

Last year, I showed up to the Lewisburg Sprint Triathlon to find a bike rack missing a bike. Somewhere between home and the park, it disappeared. Its whereabouts remain a mystery. However, the amazing end to that story was the gift of a used Trek road bike from a fellow triathlete from Beginner Triathlete, The whole story can be found here.

I returned to the Lewisburg Triathlon this year, and completed it in a time that was only slightly better than 2011. In the interest of total honesty, that reality is not sitting well with me. It reflects some pretty hard truths about my status in weight loss and training that everyone around me is kindly ignoring, once again. But I’m not going to focus on that right now. The memory of the good vibes alone would be enough to want to focus more attention on the positives. But wait, there’s more!

My dear wife decided to do her first triathlon with me, and seeded herself far back in the swim starts. I was heading back into the last couple miles of the bike course when I saw her going out on the course, and we passed once again at the early crossroads of the run course, just as my Mom was bringing the kids over from a far-off parking area. So they got to see us both before heading to their favorite public playground. I finished and waited for Meg to cross.

Only Vera Bradley Bag in Transition

Only Vera Bradley Bag in Transition

That’s still not the coolest part of the weekend.

We welcomed yet one more newly minted triathlete to the ranks the night before.

Photo Aug 16, 5 22 16 PMYes, Olivia Weaver did the Kids Triathlon, competing in the 7-9 AG. She read that they recommend personalizing your bike so you can find it in transition. I think I got this.

Photo Aug 16, 5 29 24 PM

Penguins Don’t Invoke Speed, But Darn They’re Cute

Even Little Brother is Proud

Even Little Brother is Proud

She was 18/21, and not really that interested in hardcore competition. That’s cool, I want her to have fun and be active. But I think we have found something that she DOES want to compete in. We never miss American Ninja Warrior. This was her after the race.

Photo Aug 16, 6 48 59 PM

Climb Every Mountain….

One last bit of Doughoy Project fun – as I only have two events left that were DNFs in 2012 or 2013, I can say that one part of the “curse” is broken. I have a friend who happened to be there and talk to me on course at Devilman 2012, Eagleman 2012, and was at Lewisburg 2012. I called my DNFs the “Eric Grimes curse.”

Well, Eric was there Saturday and promised not to look at me until after the race. That was easy, as he was 3rd overall. The guy can RACE. Curse broken, peace restored.

Grimes and Me

Grimes and Me

Another Grimes and Homer. Coincidence?

Another Grimes and Homer. Coincidence?

School’s back in session, the fall race season has lots going on, Girls on the Run begins in a few weeks, and life is good. In spite of failures, frustrations,setbacks and all. Nowhere to move but forward, and I am blessed to do so with awesome family around me.


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