OK people, we went ahead and actually did it. We started a podcast.

In the debut episode of the Ironman: Year One podcast, I team up with John Harris of Fat Slow Triathlete. Both of us are scheduled to do a full Ironman in late 2014. This will be a countdown of sorts, as well as a discussion of life as a Back-of-the-Pack triathlete, and especially as larger triathletes with weight issues. We love 80s pop culture references, we’re unabashed Angriest Trainer fanboys, and we aren’t afraid of the word FAT.

This isn’t the show for hardcore training, or making your way to the pointy end of the speed spectrum. It is a show for anyone who is interested in hearing about what it’s like to be one of those people who comes in last, or who decides it time for a major life change, or who just enjoy the ever-growing world of endurance and nutrition podcasting.

Give us feedback at IMYearOne@gmail.com

Show notes for Episode 1…..

Clearly we are Vinnie and Anna fanboys. Our taste in 80s movies is lining up well. We have similar stories of getting into endurance sports. We discuss the whole idea of using the word FAT publicly. We both hate skinny people. (OK not really, but in certain circumstances……)


Photo Oct 26, 8 57 21 PM

As of the posting of this file on the site, I have discovered that to get an RSS feed, the next step before putting this on iTunes, I need to migrate my whole site from wordpress.com to wordpress.org. I’ll get that done soon. For now, we wanted to get this podcast out in this format for you “beta-testers.” So here it is! We’ll hopefully be up and running with a proper podcasting feed ASAP. Until then, you’re in the cool kids club of early adopters. 


11 thoughts on “Ironman: Year One – The Podcast Begins

  1. Is the audio file the little “play” symbol at the top of the post? I tried right clicking on that but it doesn’t give a save as option. The right click thing is how I download all of Vinnie’s podcasts, so I did try that. Maybe I just don’t know where the correct link is?

    • Right. I guess you have to play it from web. Itunes is available for any device free, but you do have to register it with a real email. Or try stitcher, podcatcher, some other podcast app.

  2. Congratulations to the both of you.

    It was great to hear from people like you, People that have put aside the excuses and done things that are amazing and inspiring for everyone.
    Thank you for not lowering the bar, but showing that is not necessary to do this in order to reach our goals in everything we do, that effort is a necessary ingredient in everyone’s life.

    I read Vinnie’s book and I listen to his last podcast and that is basically how I found you, I am glad I listened to you, your words are not just to run a race, they also work to “run” our life.

    • Such high praise! I hope john and I can provide conversation that is not just banter about a hobby, but has an undercurrent of “why? What’s this about?” Sounds like you are hearing that so far. More coming soon!

    • Thanks for that Aaron. I did discover that i could do a simple feedburner feed without going through the .org. That option was to allow plugins, which it appears we do not need. I would love if you could help us figure out how to fix the metadata so the title can be changed in the itunes store. It shows up under my doughboy to ironman name, but it’s a joint show. The feedburner title is Ironman Year one, but somehow it got superseded. (BTW, love the paleo runner podcast. So cool to have early support from well-established folks in the community!)

  3. Howdy guys. LOVED your podcast! i’m 6’6″ 260 lbs currently, definitely slow and fat. I started my first sprint tri at 316lbs, then a year later signed up for IMTX 2011 weighing 308. Busted my ass training and unknowingly under ate for 11 months until the race. I weighed 225 on race morning. since then I’ve gained weight, both muscle and fat, and now struggling to lose fat. I learned a ton from each sprint, oly and half and exponentially more finishing my ironman. I’ve been trying to find motivation to do another one and your podcast is helping me spark the fire for IMTX 2015. Keep it up! People are listening!!

  4. Awesome man! When it gets to the ins and outs of weight loss, we’ll probably be pointing you to several other sources that are the real experts, but the theme is the same for both of us: the conventional triathlon diet is not ideal for the overweight. More coming soon.

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