In this extra large, supersized episode, we welcome a guest who knows a thing or two about running. Aaron Olson, the host of Paleo Runner podcast joins Andy and John for an in depth look at running for bigger athletes, form concerns, minimalist running vs maximalist, and the ultimate question “should Andy get the Hokas like John tells him to?” Visit Aaron at Www.paleorunner.org and check out his podcast in iTunes.

The second half of the show is our list of tips for picking a race for beginning triathletes. Bonus tip at the very end for young single guys.

As always, an 80s movie clip of the week, a reminder to donate blood, and finally, in honor of the extended version podcast, the outro music is cut from a well known jam band’s closing song from a recent Halloween show.

Aaron Olson of Paleo Runner

Aaron Olson of Paleo Runner



4 thoughts on “Ironman: Year One – Episode Four – Guest Aaron Olson of Paleo Runner, Tips for Picking a First Race

  1. It was fun talking with you guys. I really like what you are doing with the show. It’s been entertaining listening for me on my drive home from work. I like how you guys are willing to experiment with a lower carb diet and endurance sports and see what works for you. I want to try to swing you guys over to the Paleo diet at some point if you aren’t already there.

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