No guests this time, so Andrew and John went far and wide on a number of topics.

Thanksgiving happened. What else can we say?

“Fat Shaming” Hot Fitness Model Mom is Back in the News

Not new news but news to Andy: Tom Hanks has Type Two Diabetes

The podcast that best deconstructs the undeniably terrible film Over the Top: How Did This Get Made? episode 68

Proof I own this on Blu Ray.

Doughboy seal of approval

Doughboy seal of approval

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We’re especially looking for folks who fell away from athletic habits, and gained weight. How did you get your juice back? Your mojo? Your groove?

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For reference, this is southern chicken and waffles


This is PA style chicken and waffles

DSCN1499And the nastiest version ever:


And finally, here’s the text of the email I sent to IMTalk. I can see how it started sort of aggressively, but I hope I made the point better in this podcast. We didn’t get to it until 54:00 in the podcast.

I’m not going to get into a huge diatribe on why low carb diets are preferable. I’ll just say this about what Bevan said in this week’s episode offhand about living longer. No we are not. While mortality from acute diseases, child mortality, and accidents/violence/war may be dropping, taking the average life expectancy up, the rates at which people in the western world are dying young due to chronic illness is going way up. We call these the diseases of civilization. Plenty of endurance athletes suffer these same afflictions, even training all the time, due to their high reliance on sugars and grains. Returning to a pre-industrial diet, whether low carb or not. Even if you want to make a case for ancient wheat, modern wheat has been highly bred and selected, and not for the better. 

I hope New Zealand is avoiding this plague, but in the US and UK, obesity is skyrocketing, and our food supply is more and more artificial and deadly. More endurance athletes are turning to paleo diets, and finding that you can go long on low carb: ask Volek and Phinney. 

I’m an extreme example of the American situation, I was 360 pounds at one point. I lost about 100 pounds before starting running and triathlon. But following the conventional advice of the endurance sugar junkies, I stalled. I’m losing weight again and feeling great on a low carb diet. 

So maybe I did write a long diatribe. 

Love the show. It was one of the inspirations for us starting the Ironman: Year One podcast, the triathlon podcast for the back of the pack. I blog at www.doughboytoironman.com and my co-host John is at www.fatslowtriathlete.com

Keep up the great show, and listen to John’s advice. Get off the grains. 

Andrew Weaver


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