We’ll call this episode 9.5.

Some links to the products we talked about. None of these are sponsors in any way, just putting this here for your information.

Endurance Films – Bike Trainer Videos

Road ID

CCSD Training Getaway

Rx Jump Rope – yes, this is a real thing.

Simple Hydration Bottle


X-1 waterproof Ipod case

TrainerRoad virtual power training

Pool Lap Counter/Timer

A subscription in the GU of the month club

The Christmas Story House 5/10k – make plans for 2014!

Unbreakable: The Western States 100 (DVD)

For all watch and gadget reviews, the Highlander of review sites (as in, there can be only one….)

DC Rainmaker

And, as far as I am concerned (Andy here) – the ultimate Christmas gift is this one right here….. and it seems to be out of print somehow and selling high on resale market.


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