Just the two of us once again, topics of the week include a million dollar idea for the Ironman Brand, mountain biking, was a man selected for a thrill kill because he was fat? NBA low carbers, and electronic bras. Was FDR coke’d up when he declared the day that would live in infamy?

For a Central PA off-road triathlon, The Tri Tri Again is all sorts of unique.

If you like Trail Running, do not miss the 25k and 50k Hyner Challenge.

A podcast we’re checking out, with, we think, much less talk of FDR doing cocaine:

Two Gomers Run for Their Lives. 

You think I was making this up? Ironman MATTRESS. And here’s the blender

My million dollar idea: WTC meets this….


Avoid emotional eating with this bra.

The NBA is getting smart about diet.

FDR did cocaine, legally and medically.

Was a thrill killing influenced by a victim’s weight?

Did Family Guy predict it?

Will the NAAFA get in on this case?

Will Batman escape the riddler’s trap and save Gotham?


Was this the weirdest conspiracy episode ever? Our notes sure sound like it, and we didn’t even get into the FDA, USDA or food policy! But here’s a Dept of Agriculture video that everyone should know about.


Email us your Age Group DJ suggestions at IMYearOne@gmail.com – visit us on Facebook.

And finally, the man who would be a horrible president, but a funny one, Joe Derosa.


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