Sometimes the fast guys slow down a bit and hang with the BOP types like us. We had a great time with Chris Hague in the catbird seat.

We did eventually get to a great discussion of the reality of body image issues and dysfunctional relationships with food that exist at the front of the pack as acutely as they do at the back. Chris is a young guy, but has some solid wisdom and insight from his own experiences working through some tough times.

Before all that, we did our usual round up of off-topic, but on-topic for the lounge atmosphere that is this show.

Kiss is finally being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Not only did Andy make his mother take him to the theater to see Breakin’ – he got this on vinyl. (Medal to prove current ownership status.)

Photo Dec 18, 11 59 08 PM

If the How Did This Get Made? podcast were to do a live episode for this movie, I would consider flying to California to attend, with this vinyl in hand.

In less embarrassing, but not by much, news: John has this on bluray.


But hey, they are in the RnR HoF, but Boogaloo Shrimp wasn’t even on the ballot. So John wins this one.

History May Yet Rediscover This Force

History May Yet Rediscover This Force

All in all, this is a quintessential IMYO show. Random 80s pop culture references, stories from endurance world, and a solid conversation midway through the episode on some serious stuff with a happy ending. We like what we’re doing here each week. We think a few of you do too. And so, we ask your support. Just an iTunes review.


We need iTunes reviews. We know that more than 10 people have been downloading each episode. We know it’s way, way more than that. How do we know?

This man told us. And if you don't leave us reviews, we'll publish your browser history that he gave us too.

This man told us. And if you don’t leave us reviews, we’ll publish your browser history that he gave us too.

But seriously – we’re asking for a one week bump in ratings traffic to get noticed by the iTunes store. In return, we’ll draw names for some prizes.

1. My used Harry Potter DVD collection.

2. a bar of homemade pine tar soap

3. see #2

4. mystery prize

5. A copy of that crazy Kiss movie

So come on folks – all reviews posted before we record next week will be eligible.


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