The inmates were running the asylum tonight. You’ll see……

For notes on topics discussed:

23andme is being blocked by the FDA. Here are a couple resources to see different sides.

Here is a very anti-FDA point of view.

Here is a legal site’s analysis of the FDA vs 23andme situation.

A wikipedia entry on the $1000 genome. And we’re talking $99 from 23andme. Hmmm…

Badwater – Radioactive? Or personal vendetta?

This blogger is very much convinced that it is radioactivity.

Adventure Corps seems less convinced. Scroll through their twitter feed.

XKCD – fantastic web comic.

The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. – Do not try to watch it all at once unless you have experience as a social worker.

Check out Jonathan Bailor’s new book – The Calorie Myth – released December 31, 2013. If you pre-order from his site, there are some online bonuses.


If you heard your name (or iTunes name) at the end, email us at imyearone@gmail.com to give us a mailing address.


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