We promised it for weeks, and here it is: the titans of the back of the pack interview one of the most thoroughly researched and scientific minds in triathlon: Ben Greenfield.


Of several questions, the basic two were: 1. what are the best biohacks for beginners? 2. Can a person lose weight while doing endurance training?

Ben shared so many ideas and concepts, we won’t have them all in these notes. Please do yourself a favor and visit Ben’s site for links to his own podcasts as well as articles, apps, videos, coaching. You name it, he has it.

For a quick start guide, he has the BEN RECOMMENDS page.

The upcoming book is Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health and Life. It is released March 1. Visit the site for pre-order bonuses.

In non-Ben notes…..

John is a big fan of the EveryMove app. Andy is still adjusting his tinfoil hat and checking with Edward Snowden to see if this is a good idea, but hey – free swag may be part of the deal. Check it out for iPhone and Android.

The Year of Living Oprah. – just because.

And finally, I didn’t research every possible article, but do your own googling: here’s a pretty thorough investigation of the real life story of Frank Dux.


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