We had a great hour ++ with John’s coach, Kristie Conception.







KC moved from athlete to athlete+coach, and we talk at length about how a regular Joe (or John in this case) can benefit from a coach, or as she often says, a guide. We touch on many tips for all three disciplines, as well as overall strategies.

KC’s website is 140*point*6*miles

Some other links

Planet Fitness is making waves, especially among people who actually lifted weights in the gym. Sorry this is a reddit link.

If you want to see St. George Ironman swim issues, check out this well-produced video.   

All Up Anja has several gym videos to show various exercises.

Steve Kamb’s Nerd Fitness.

Cereal Killers, the new documentary, is a one hour, easy to understand film about how everything accepted as conventional wisdom in diet is wrong. We recommend it (or Fat Head) for anyone, but especially people new to these ideas.

And if you want to start some reading for 2014, get into Dr. David Perlmutter’s Grain Brain and prepare to have your own brain shaken, stirred, and expanded.

Another game changer, just published, Jonathan Bailor’s The Calorie Myth.

Going Long – by the man himself, Joel Friel.

That’s plenty of recommendations for this week. We have so many guests lining up for the next few weeks, we need a receptionist. Keep tuning in. And please, if you can, go to itunes to leave us a review. It assures the algorithm overlords that we exist, and people are listening.


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