Time for the big guns (and we don’t mean Ben Greenfield’s arms this time.) – We finally got the godfather himself, Vinnie Tortorich on the line for our 14th episode. We got into everything that we could think to ask, including his own insights into the growth of Badwater as a brand.


First, we check in with fellow Facebook group member who just did the first ever DisneyRunning Dopey Challenge, completely NSNG.



And if that wasn’t enough, we got to talk at length with Chi Running Queen and Bond Girl Serena Scott Thomas.

serena scott thomas headshot

It’s probably hard to make out the voice, but we sort of talked to Dean Lorey as well.


If you don’t already know Vinnie Tortorich, get on that. Now. Buy the book before all the new fans from Bobby Kelly’s appearance on Opie and Anthony clear out the stock.

Our segment with Vinnie was epic. Seriously. We did get off on some non-topical things, but that’s the point of hanging out here. So in no particular order:

SNL was ahead of its time with multi blade razors.

This is a razor strop for all you youngin’s who’ve never been in a real barber shop.

Desert Island Discs, a Human Giant take.

The guys from I Love You Man meet Rush. This was the 2010 Tour Video, now on Funny or Die.

Low level laser therapy for vertigo. Effective, placebo, or effective placebo?

New Badwater 135 Route

New Badwater Race – 50 miler in Cape Fear.

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