Twitter is not my strong suit. I can’t edit down that easily, so it’s just for tweeting links to 2000 word diatribes here. Twitter moves fast. Maybe too fast. You have to see what happened Saturday night.

It all started harmlessly enough, with a tweet of appreciation from a rather high profile endurance sports figure. Actually, that’s underselling it: we’re talking about the director of the absolutely legendary Badwater 135. I have the poster of the Badwater route framed on my wall, the way a little league player puts up posters of pro ball players.


Accurate Through 2013 Edition

John and I interviewed our podcast inspiration Vinnie Tortorich last week on our show, which turned out to be our longest, but also richest and most epic episode yet. I am really amazed at how this thing has evolved so quickly. Turns out that I was right about endurance sports: even the back of packers can rub shoulders with the big guys and gals. — Anyway, we asked Vinnie for an inside scoop on things going on with the Badwater name, because we knew that he was personally acquainted with the Race Director, Chris Kostman. As it happened, Vinnie had dinner with Chris just a couple days before our recording, and then had him in the studio this past weekend for his show. He must have told him to check out our show, because Saturday night, we got a mention from Chris.

[tweet 424719090150690816]

John and I, both being middle-aged men with boring Saturday night lives, simultaneously responded.

Chris wrote right back

How cool is that? We’re going to book the man behind Badwater to talk to two fat slow doughy back of pack guys. And we know he really did listen to the episode with those musical references. Nice. John sends this….

And that would be the end to a great evening.

But wait, there’s more. I mean, so so much more.

What came next changes everything.

Is this cat serious? I mean, there’s an emoticon wink there, but would he put that out there just to say, “oh you know I was kidding, you guys could never do this”?

Once again, John and I sharing a brain, we nearly simultaneously respond

Um, did we just both commit to doing a 50 mile run? I think we did.

I do a quick check on the date of Easter for 2015, hoping it’s not in mid-March, and assume they’ll keep the date the same.

Rapid response:

Guys, I think this whackjob is serious. He wants us to do Cape Fear 50. Has he met us? Has he any idea how ludicrous this is?


Well that settled it. Your move partner…..

SURE WHY NOT ?????? – Calm as Hindu cows man.

And, this is happening.

Well my friend, at this point you may as well have quoted Yoda, because I feel as close to that reality as I do to this one. But the same day that I “committed” to this next step, I buried my last grandparent, and at the age of 41, I am looking back on years that were often wasted, and I’ve only got so many left. I used to love to quote Twain, “why put off until tomorrow what you can put off until the day after tomorrow?” – Now, I’m in the “gather ye rosebuds while ye may” stage of life.


So here’s why I plan to go through with this and not claim that I thought this was all fake, or that I was drunk tweeting.

I have thought long about the next step after Ironman, and an ultra has been on my mind. The problem is, I am scared to death of falling off the mountains that I am trying so hard to love. I may just be a sea guy. I love the coastline. This is a mostly flat race, with a whole other challenge: running on sand, so that’s no picnic, but I believe that for me, this is as good as it gets for a 50.

Also, the whole idea of running an ultra fits with my personality and style. I’m not going to ever be a sub 18 minute 5k runner, but there’s nothing saying I have to be. According to this NY Times article, men over 40 who plod along moderately and don’t run really hard, we’re the ones who benefit healthwise from ultras.


Disney Dopey Challenge

Badwater Cape Fear

Sound reasonable? Oh I hope not. Reasonable moves make for boring obituaries. Mine’s going to be a page turner.



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