First we have a surprise drop in from our pal Vinnie, which he did not expect, and he may change his skype handle now…. But in the midst of that spontaneous call, we got some great Zone 2 training tips, and talked about our big story for the week:

John and I said we’d do a 50 miler next year.


The full story on how that insanity came to be is recounted here on my blog.

Vinnie is a player in this story, so we’re glad that this surprise call worked out.


Plastic surgery App pulled from iTunes and Google Play.

Margarine surrenders to butter in Unilever products.

Book recommendation: Death By Food Pyramid – find your own amazon link, there’s a search bar!

Doing a January 30 Day Challenge? Try this one: Triple Deca Ironman

Or how about something less intense. 7 Marathons in 7 Days. Or what Dean Karnazes calls, “a good start.”


You may have seen Ann at a Rock and Roll Marathon Event cheerleading for the finishers. If you’ve by chance done a TriRock Event, or the 2013 Nations Tri, you definitely saw her. She also does the TriCenter videos at Competitor.


TriRock Annapolis 2012

Ann has a great perspective on the sport, having met people of all abilities, and interviewed pros from all over the world.

Some of the links we talked about with Ann.

Peyton Manning volunteers on SNL

Even funnier: Eli Manning’s Little Brothers Organization – SNL

Do you know the work of The Penguin? You should!

RAGBRAI – Ride across Iowa.



My Tiny Cadet


2 thoughts on “Ironman Year One: Episode 15 – Rock and Roll Running Queen Ann Wessling, Special Guest Vinnie Tortorich

  1. Just wondered if you could clear up understanding of zone 2 training. I’m 44, so :
    For Bike: 180 – 44 = 136,
    + 5 for being active
    = 141
    zone 2 range 131 to 141

    For Run: 180 – 44 = 136,
    + 5 for being active
    + 5 for begin on feet
    = 146
    zone 2 range 136 to 146

  2. I think the zone number is like the middle of the zone. I could be very wrong: I am not the expert in any way. I recommend checking out any of the Fit Fat Fast podcasts about Maffetone training, or google Maffetone training. I will see if we can figure out that one for the next show.

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