In December, I began a project to cover every mile of Rockefeller Township, Northumberland County PA. As this is my new home, this is my way to get to know my neighborhood. I logged several runs in December, then the project got put on hold. Between the constant snow and ice on our narrow roads, and my pre-Disney jitters, I let it drop. I knew it wouldn’t get done before my surgery, so I gave up. Then after Disney, I had the surgery and it really took two months to recover. We STILL had snow on March 31, so I am just now finally getting back on the local roads for some mileage.

Today I had Meg drive me out to a township border, so I could reduce the out-and-back mileage needed to get back to my car. And to be honest, the road was pretty steep, and I was only interested in running it one way: downhill. All in all, I did 5.07 miles, with .97 mile being repeats. You can see why that was necessary in this photo. The brown sharpie portion was today.


As for observations today, nothing new really. The Dornsife Mountain Road is appropriate named. Along 890 there are older homes, and clearly much newer developments off the main road. I did pass several farms, as well as the only car dealership I know if in the township.

One vehicle in a driveway stood out. It bore a bumper sticker that said “Global warming? It’s called summer stupid!” I understand the need to share opinions on bumper stickers, but the tone of this one tells me that this person is not interested in actual conversation, nor is their opinion actually informed. I thought this was a parody of a climate change denier, but based on other stickers, I don’t think this was a driver with a strong sense of irony.

I really hadn’t planned on doing 5 miles today, but the little piece between Houser Road and Ferster Hill Road would have been left completely unconnected, so I decided to do the extra mile+ for the out and back.

Progress Update

Runs done: 7

Total miles: 28.86

Unique non-repeated miles: 23.83

Today’s run – 5.07. repeated mileage .97


One thought on “Better Know a Township: Back on Track

  1. Good to see you back on the roads, and 5 miles is no joke, especially after the pay off. Well done.

    As far as the bumper sticker, the fact that they assume people who have another opinion (or you know, follow science) are “stupid” tells you the type of person driving the car. And I will also lay odds they are neither a scientist nor much of a reader (unless it agrees with their opinion already). 🙂

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