It is October 21, 2015. Those of us who grew up in the 80s are wondering where to find our hoverboard, flying cars and self-drying jackets. And, we can’t believe how quickly 30 years have passed.

By the same token, I’m becoming keenly aware of time. Have I really not posted on the blog since April? Has it really been three years since my B2B 70.3 finish?

Yes it has.  And, it has been nearly 5 years since the big day when I got running. Yet once again, here I am, still overweight, still struggling.

Like the McFlys and the Tannens, I see, to be stuck in a loop of my own making. No matter the circumstances or timeline, I exhibit the same personality. And like Marty McFly, if I don’t break the cycle of self-destructive behavior, I’m doomed to keep repeating. He couldn’t handle being called chicken, but I  can’t handle, well, I’m not quite sure yet. But this is not the psychoanalysis post.

This is the mojo-back post. Everyone needs to listen to Episode 99 of our podcast to hear some stories from the Sub30 club, a group of which I am proud to call myself a member. I came home renewed, yesterday I ran-walked a really hard 3.5 miles out in the Township, most of it extremely steep.

Today it was time to get back to the future. So I did another homebrew triathlon. New readers of this blog should check out this race report about my first homemade Olympic distance triathlon. Today’s was no Oly, more a Super Sprint. With travel and changes however, my transition times eclipse actual “race” time. No matter. It was fun. It was alost my first time in a pool or on a bike in months.

The Back to the Future Homebrew Triathlon

First, 30 lengths of the pool, for the 30 year travel time. — very slow time, but I got it done. I had hope to do 1985 yards, but it became clear that time away from the pool had consequences. The University Swim coach was unlocking the door as I arrived. Hey! It’s been a while! You”re not kidding man.


Next, 8.8 miles on the bike. I drove to the rail trail for a flat ride. I couldn’t have done it at home today.


And finally, 1.21 miles, aka gigawatts of power. Flat, along the river walk in Sunbury.


So there it is. Nothing especially long or fast, but I got out there. Back to the future baby, where I get back on the track to become an Ironman.


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