I really don’t have a lot to write about, at least not in the ways I used to write here. It’s no longer about finding the path. I’m on it. And it is going well. But in the past I had a tendency to disappear from blogging when things were not going well. In the interest of not creating that confusion, I’ll check in to report the routine stuff.

That’s probably the first good thing to report. I’m establishing routines. I have an actual wall calendar where I mark off each day’s achievements. If I eat for stable blood glucose, I make a big blue X. If I walk, I fill in one quarter green. If I do something strength related, I fill in another quarter orange. As time goes on, I may come up with other colors to fill in, but for now all that matters is the big blue X.

In my last post I said I quit running (for now), but I was not as clear that I am walking. A lot. At least, a lot more than I was running. I was averaging two miles a day. As the year winds down, I’m ramping up to 3 miles a day. Technically, 3.1, as I’m doing a 5k of walking per day. It started with a desire to do a 5 day streak to get a US Road Running virtual race medal. (My medal arrived today but it is for the 1 milers, not the 5ks, so I have to see about getting it swapped.)

Now I realize this is a bit silly, as most healthy people walk plenty every day and there’s no medal. I know several elderly women who walk 2-3 miles every single morning. But it seemed fun for an end of year challenge.

The challenge is morphing into a 17 day streak. If I do a 5k from the 15th to the 31st, that’s over 50 miles, plus the miles I walked for the first half of the month.

I will get back to running, but only after I’ve walked another 100 miles. That’s the discipline.

In other news, the really good news, I lowered my A1C. In 25 days time, I dropped it from 8.4 to 7.1. This is really strong progress. The goal of having it 5.0 or less by late February is definitely doable.

I’ve been talking more about reversing Type Two Diabetes on the podcast, and this week we had a great guest who did just that, as well as help her mother get off of meds after 20 years diabetic, and 10 years on metformin. Check out the interview here.

I’m not going to try and write articles about lowcarb, ketosis, or anything else like it. Why? For one, I already did a couple years ago when I then dropped the ball. But more importantly, there are better websites out there that can lay out the groundwork better than I can. I can and will continue to report my own progress and what I’m doing. But I do not at this time aspire to be a go-to site for understanding the revolution. I’ll leave it to Blood Sugar 101 and Diabetes Warrior, as well as many others.

So there’s the update. I’m stable. That’s a big word for me. Stable blood sugars translate to stable moods. I’m walking. I’m starting to do some strength exercises, albeit slowly and very small to start.





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