Like the title? I thought that would get your attention.

All it really means is this: I am on a multi-day walking streak, trying to log 3.1 miles per day. It started December 15, and will continue through at least January. January’s mileage may vary with a special IronFire Challenge I’m doing through our friends at the Octane Athletics podcast.

I’m walking really slowly. I even blocked out the time and pace on the graphic below. It’s that embarrassing. But I’m getting out there. I’ll get back to jogging and running in time.

I wish I could say I was visiting new roads and filling in more of my Township map, but for now, the majority of my walking is on a flat course. That means the Marina at the State Park on the island near Sunbury, as well as the cemetery outside my window. The cemetery road makes a .3 mile figure-8 loop, so 10 laps plus a little extra makes a 5k.

Let me tell you, there aren’t many more mind numbingly boring things than 10 laps around the same road. (Unless you’re the new 100 mile record holder Zach Bitter who did that on a track.) But I challenged myself to begin the streak on a cold, windy, rainy, and very dark night.

If I can walk 10 laps around a cemetery in the dark in nasty weather,  I guarantee whoever you are, if your legs work, you can get out and walk.

Merry Christmas!




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