We’re down to the wire now. This is the last episode to air with our trainers. After this, we jump forward in time seven weeks to see how everyone did on their own. What final impressions will the “experts” leave us with?

Going in, I’m thinking about how I perceive the current trainers based on what I can recall without looking back to detailed notes.

Strong Sexy Safe (or something like that – a name that long and alliterative is bound to create brand confusion). She’s all about martial arts, and gluten-free pescatarianism.

No-Diet Diet – blue plate special of high protein, lots of non-food advice and good sleep.

Superfood Swap – whole foods based replacements for junk.

Wild Diet – low carb, high fat, meats and vegetables.

Nutrient Timing – similar to Wild but more high protein, and complicated in timing.

Milestone Challenge

It seems like they’re trying to do a five minute version of the Crossfit Games, with a pop psychology addition of “pushing excuses out of the way.”

As they cut away from the action to the hype talk, I am reminded that Jeff will finally have the crazy man out of the tent in his front yard. That’s good.

I know it’s getting repetitive to hear this, but once again, the women are competing in skin tight lycra, while the men get to wear baggy clothes. This is just absurd.

Kurt’s anti-sugar testimonial is music to my ears.

Jasmin has won the final milestone challenge. She is the biggest threat to Kurt as far as “Winning” this thing. But I am hopeful that each of the contestants can win the real contest, which is their own health.

At Home Segments

Jasmin/Dawn – Jasmin has made progress on her self-worth. Great. How has she gotten to the goals that now motivate her?

Kurt/Abel –  I was blown away by the fact that intermittent fasting, based on ancestral health concepts was allowed on network TV, with a decent explanation. Holy cow. And he’s slamming breakfast food as grains and sugar. And he’s burning fat. I am so glad to hear this articulated on TV. Look, I am clearly biased in favor of Abel, but from a purely objective perspective, you can’t tell me that other trainers have had as much airtime talking about the actual diet and principles of how it works.

Jeff/Jay  “This diet is all about behavioral changes.” Yes, sure, but isn’t there a way the diet itself can make those changes easier? He is just reminding me of those guys from the gym who’ve never been heavy who say “look bro, it’s all about calories in and calories out. How much do you want it? It’s all up to you.” Maybe I’m being unfair, but that’s my read.

La’Tasha/Rob I like the trainer, but the segment about pushing her workouts harder to earn a pink bedazzled bandana left me befuddled. So, you’re all about timing nutrients perfectly, right? When do we get to see what that looks like?

Taj/Jennifer – More in the martial arts gym. A mention of the pescetarian and gluten-free diet, but people who are not familiar with that may know what it means besides eliminating meat pasta and bread. The segment is mostly about whether Taj will stick to things. She earns a yellow belt in the discipline. But she’s mentally done. My earlier defense of Taj may have been too generous. We’ll see how her follow through goes.

Farewell to the Trainers

Everyone gets some kind of send-off. An incentive for Tasha, a progress reminder for Jeff, a don’t-let-the-door-hit-you from Taj, an appreciative meal demo for Dawn, a campfire chat with Abel.


La’tasha, Jeff and Jasmin have all lost a few pounds. No one should be seeing 11-15 pound losses per week.

Now some drama. Kurt is asked how he’s eating, and asked about his calorie count. He reports that he doesn’t really count calories but if he had to guess, 800-1100 a day. That is pretty low, especially for a guy his size. Well Jeff loses it and accuses the Kurt and Abel team of cheating. His claim is that they are supposed to be doing sustainable diets, and what Kurt reported as his calorie count is basically starving himself. I’m no Jeff fan, but it’s a valid point to raise. How will it be dealt with after the commercial break?

Kurt defends his diet. We get his update. His health markers are great. He was 51.8% fat. He is down to 29.4% I can’t see how he doesn’t win this, unless he DNF’s the half marathon. Seven more pounds yields his first sub-300 weigh-in. I know that feeling.

Time for even MORE drama. Taj has chosen to off her diet. She describes the fall-out with her trainer. Shaun T presses her to say why one argument has her broken, and she resists it. The trainer finally calls her out more. And I gotta admit, my man John (my podcasting co-host) called this before I saw it. She is really stubborn. I know reality TV edits the way they want, but as far as what we’re seeing here, Taj is looking for reasons to dismiss people. She even goes so far as to say that she’d be better off with the massaging vegan.

Shaun T lays it down. If you’re going on with the competition, you have to keep the trainer. La’Tasha pleads with her to stay. We get our most hyped cliffhanger, and the show ends with the ultimatum: either weigh-in and accept your plan, or walk out the door.

One show to go here, and I’m now intrigued. I couldn’t watch the shows and recap on Friday, and it is late Saturday. Most everyone reading this has probably already watched this and the finale already, but I avoided social media so I do not know the outcome here. I feel like Kurt Jasmin and to a degree Tasha, will all see continued success. Jeff and Taj have different attitude issues, but Jeff’s is more amendable. Maybe I say that because I can relate to Jeff, and know I got my own attitude amended. Taj is really bright, but so stubborn and dismissive, she is her own worst enemy. Cliched, I know.

In a minute, I’m going to deprive myself of even more sleep and see how this finally played out.




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