I have gone through my google docs to make sure everything is fit for public consumption. I have now updated the sharing to public.

So, if you want to see what I eat, what my blood sugars are in response, what my weight is, — here it is. My raw, honest, messy, imperfect, but thorough TRUTH.

Please check out the READ THIS FIRST file to begin.

EDIT: I discovered that just trying to see the files via preview will not work for any files with photos. I contacted Google support. They had the same problem. Here is the fix: You need to have a google drive account. It’s free. But what you can do then, is click on the folder that I shared on the top right of the screen and ADD it to your own drive. You will only be able to view, not edit. Then any edits or additions I make to anything in the folder will automatically be visible. Think of it like subscribing. 

So, here we go – warts and all – not a prescription for perfection, nor a formula for anyone else to follow to the letter. But one guy’s real world experience with going lowcarb, as a case study.

Andrew Weaver’s Food Log



4 thoughts on “Full Disclosure. All The Info

  1. Thank you for sharing you information. Can you explain the need for Magnesium, Fish Oil, Niacin, Cinnamon and D3? Also – what is D3?

    Thanks again,


    • Vitamin D3 is for the fact that I live in the north of the US and it’s winter. Magnesium is advised for diabetics. I don’t take the niacin anymore. I had heard it was useful in large doses to help with addictions. That was temporary. Cinnamon is linked to lowering blood sugar, and it’s just a good thing all around. Fish oil to help with the balance of omega 3:6.

      • Thanks Andrew. When I read your response about D3 – it was like a hand to head moment. It did not sync it that it is VitaminD. I am also taking it – since last tests were low.

  2. Curious as to which cashew butter you’re using. I love cashew butter (much more than PB) but it’s expensive here, especially for the Wegmans one that only has cashews and salt. Do you make your own? Buy online?

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